Friday, April 29, 2011

Order of Samhain Award

I've decided to put together a little award for Halloween/Horror bloggers I feel deserve recognition for their tireless dedication to Halloween. I call it the Order of Samhain. This is the first time I've done anything like this, but here it goes. The first Recipient of the Order of Samhain is...

Marrow, of House of Marrow!

This young Halloween blogger hasn't been around in the Halloween Community for very long, but he's already made a HUGE splash, with his ghoulish groundbreaker zombies, and classic Hallowe'en style. This is even more impressive, considering he's from New Zealand, where Halloween falls in their Spring. I've included Marrow's 2010 haunt video below. Enjoy, and congrats to Marrow! For more info and picture, check out his blog (


  1. hey, I think it's a great idea and a most deserving recipient! enjoyed the video.

  2. Thanks SO much, this is awesome! :D

  3. You could not pick a better winner. Fantastic!!


  4. Hey HalloweeNut!

    I've closed my old account (it was under a different email address) and so you'll need to link to my new video.