Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK, enough Procrastination!

Yes, I'm finally going to review the Terror Syndicate Productions haunt, DARK WORKS!

The last Saturday before Halloween, my brother Hayden, Stepdad Ben, and myself, all piled into the car, popped a CD of Midnight Syndicate in the stereo, and hit the road for Pittsburgh, PA! After finding owner Steve Hickman's house, and the home of Dark Works, we hoped out of the car to wait in line. We waited in line for about an hour, finding out that only three people per group are allowed to enter the haunt (this helps amp up the creep factor). Finally, after waiting under a true werewolf moon, we entered the mouth of Hell!

I won't give away too much about the Haunt (gotta keep it surprising for next year), but I can tell you that it is ONE OF THE BEST HAUNTS I'VE BEEN IN!!! Heck, it outshone the 7 Floors of Hell by far! There were very few actors, but every animatronic and animation was perfect, better than most haunts, including some pro ones! The place simply oozed Halloween atmosphere, especially in the disgusting bathroom! It was both indoor and out door, and scenically amazing! The real showstopper was the "TV room", which I won't describe (I can't, words don't do that room justice), but it was very theatrical, and is something I've never scene in any haunt before!

Afterwords, when the haunt closed, I got to meet Steve, and talk shop with him. He's a great guy, very hospitable and generous. Turns out He rarely buys masks and props -- he makes them! Also, everyone knows Steve to be the man who invented the term "Monster Mud", but did you know that he also coined "dorp" alias Erosion Cloth? The guy was nice enough to show me how things worked, and he even gave me a "Dark Soundscapes" CD that he made! Overall, I highly recamend the show and the Website, and I give both Steve and his haunt Five Stars. Great Job.

There. I'm done now. :)

Terror Syndicate website