Saturday, July 27, 2013


Some pics taken during a photoshoot at some local cemeteries. All photos courtesy of Dicentra.

And now some pics with filters.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Letter from an Absentee Writer

Hello again, Specters. It’s me, HalloweeNut. I realize that it has been quite some time since I last posted (about one year, five months, and nine days to be exact), but I feel the time has come at long last for me to come out of my digital slumber, and assume my writings once again. However, it would terrible manners for me not to offer my loyal minions at least some explanation of where I have been this past year-and-a-half. I wish I could say that I was on some exciting and phantastical journey, perhaps to the Center of the Earth or even across the River Styx, but I’m afraid that saying so would be telling a lie. In truth, my journey was inward. Let me explain; for the better part of my young life, I have struggled with Depression. Most of the time, I have done rather well at handling it, thank you very much, but starting around Christmas of 2011, my Depression went to a terrible new level. Dealing with it, and going to therapy for it, was incredibly draining on an emotional level, and took its toll on both my family and myself. I ultimately decided to put blogging and home haunting on hold in order to focus on getting better. This wasn’t an easy decision, believe me, but it was probably the right decision. Now that I have successfully completed my treatment, I am feeling much better than I have been in ages, and the future is looking very bright indeed. I will be going to college for Graphic Design at Clarion University starting in the winter. I have recently moved out on my own, to the little city of Indiana, PA. Now that all of this has happened, I felt that the time was right to begin blogging again. I can’t make any promises as to how frequent my posts will be, as I don’t currently own a laptop and am at the mercy of the local library’s computers, but I can promise that more posts will follow. It feels great to blogging again, and I have such sights to show you all. To summarize, I simply to let you all know, dear specters, that I am in fact still around, that I did not die in a bizarre pumpkin-carving accident, and all that I have posted here previously was only just the beginning.

I am, and always will be,
AKA HalloweeNut