Saturday, May 29, 2010

WARNING: Long Post!

Well, I've got some good news, some and bad news, and a haunt review! First the bad news: I won't be going to the Great Lakes FrightFest this year. Suffice to say, things just didn't work out. This is a pretty big bummer for me, as I was really hoping to go see the entire event this year. Oh well.

Good news (though some might consider this bad news): Remember how I said that for 2010 I was going to do a atmosphere-based haunt, themed to the "creepy house on the corner"? Well, to help me focus my energy and what little money I have on the 13th Street Morgue walk-thru for 2011, my step-dad Ben volunteered to take the reigns of the haunt in Pennsylvania for 2010. I consider this good news because it takes some weight of my shoulders. I guess I'll to put the "creepy house" theme in the recesses of me fiendish noggin for another time.

Haunt review: The Radley Haunted House (pictures above). I recently discovered this ultra-creepy haunt via another haunter's channel on YouTube. This is an INCREDIBLE home haunt, the likes of which I've never seen before. This sets look REAL, the soundscape gives you the chills, and the atmosphere is dead on! I've done some digging and found some stuff out about this haunt; It's in St. Petersburg Florida, and was orginally themed as a tribute to Disney's haunted mansion, but the year after became the haunt it is today. I highly recamend you check out this guy's Youtube channel - you won't be disappointed.

MstGracey's Channel

Well, that's all I've got! But to work, you freaks! ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

BIG Haunt Changes!

OK. I know I said I was going to do a dark carnival haunt this year. Things have changed. But definetly for the better.

I've always wanted to do a walk-thru haunt. And after seeing Steve Hickman's Dark Works last year, the urge has been even stronger. Well, I recently ordered the Terror Syndicate Homer Haunter's Prop Building Videos vol. 4 (man that's mouth full), which focuses on building a free-standing walk-thru. Another thing I had wanted to do was host a "party haunt", or a haunt where you open it both for a party as well as to the public on Halloween.
I've made a decision: I'm canceling "Troupe Macabre" this year, to focus on creating a highly elaborate (and probably expensive) walk-thru party haunt for 2011. As for this year, I'm going to experiment with a more atmosphere-based haunt that is less prop oriented. The theme will be an old, decrepit house, the kind every neighborhood in America used to have; the ones kids would call the "haunted house". But that's something for another time. I'm probably going to be doing some postings on HauntForum about this, so if anyone has any questions, just shoot me a note there.

Well, I guess it can't hurt to reveal the party haunt's name:

The 13th Street Morgue

PS: Two big shout-outs:
1) go over to Pumpkin Knight's blog, The Land of Always October - he has some very cool news :)
2) Another shout-out to me first British Follower, Ali. Thanks for joining - now I'm boring on an international level!