Friday, December 23, 2011

Have a Scary Anti-Christmas, Hellions!

Ah, yes, "the Holiday Season". When everyone is expected to be all bright and chipper, yet the depresion and suicide rates sky rocket every time. A season loaded with cheesey decorations and ultra-annoying music. My advice to my Fellow Freaks for surviving this sappy nightmare? Twist it. Don't watch "A Christmas Carol" for the umpteenth time; how about "Black Christmas" (the original, not the remake)? Bake some Gingerbread ZOMBIES. Wear a black Santa hat, not a red one. Walk through the streets bellowing Spinal Tap's "Christmas with the Devil" to drown out those Carollers. Inject some Evil into Xmas Eve. And give that horror fan on your list some nice blood-soaked slasher flicks! Have a delightfully dark time, Fiends!

PS: I know I have yet to write about my Halloween experiences; don't worry, it's coming...