Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Hell with Themes!

I'm tired - not of haunting, I'll never get tired of that - but of trying to pull off a decent theme. My problem is that I like too many, and being in High School, I have a very limited budget, and it's hard to build a differently themed haunt each year. The voodoo/swamp theme I had planned was no exception. Plus, due to Halloween being on a Monday this year, I have to be at my Dad's house this time because of school, and his house wouldn't work for a swamp theme at all. So, at least for this year, I'm not gonna do a theme - I'm just going to focus on having a fun time on Halloween. Maybe I'll do a them next year; but in the mean time, I'll just focus on having a good time with haunting.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Order of Samhain III:

OK, time to name the next recipient of the Order of Samhain. The lucky spookster is…


This guy is truly one of the most artistic haunters of the era! With his amazing Paper-Mache props, and love of the Halloween season, his haunt and website/blog, Season of Shadows, has garned a large following. The site had a ton of cool features, like Halloween Radio, Webcam, Haunt-line, and much more. If you still don’t believe that John doesn’t deserve the Order, then watch his 2010 Haunt vid:

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