Friday, February 26, 2010

Halloween 2010

I bid you velcome, fellow spookables.

I'm hear to give you all a little clue about my Haunt theme this Halloween. Last year's haunt was great, but I'm going to try and make this year's haunt even better. I've been looking into all sorts of atmosphere effects, such as new lighting, fog FX, and even spooky scents. All to help set a mood. I'm hoping this year will provide a break from my typical Gothic or "Classic Hallowe'en" themes. It's a popular theme I'm doing this year, but I'm doing MY way, which will hopefully be very different from your typical version of this theme. I'll make it gritty and disturbing, with a very angry vibe. I'll create an atmosphere that is haunting and mysterious, yet feeling like something very, very bad is about to happen. The kind of feeling that keeps you looking over your shoulder, looking for that potential attacker. In the backstory I'm working on, the characters from the Haunt are seeking a bloody revenge.....on you! I'm working on a video to annoucne the theme this year; the picture above is a little hint at things to come...

Well, back to work. Scare ya later, kiddies!