Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official Backstory (Part 3)

Hmmm, where was I? Ah, yes:
It seems the farmer in question had been noticing a strange smell of something rotting coming from the barn. When he opened it, there it was: the stuff of morbid legend, the Hangman's Crow! About six feet long, a decaying skull for a head, and a noose 'round it's rotten neck. Soon, everyone was talking about the reapperence of the Hangman's Crow. And of course, Emerick Belsco, with his bizzare scarecrow obsession, had to have it.
But not all was as it seemed. The Hangman's Crow had been made with the bones of a murderer, and the ghost of said killer did not want his body put on display again. So, when Belsco purchased the Hangman's Crow from the farmer, the murderer's ghost followed the body to Belsco Manor. There, it convinced the souls of the dead buried in the cemetery to help it haunt Emerick Belsco. They did, and slowly began to drive Belsco and his wife, Anastasia, insane. In the end, Belsco shot his wife, and hung himself, their ghosts joining those that had haunted them in life. But, it seems, in begining to haunt the Manor, the ghosts found that they would be trapped there forever. Belsco Manor was shuttered and abandoned. It still stands there, in Raven's Wood, New Hampshire, waiting for the day when its sole inhabitants, the ghosts, can haunt again.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official Backstory (Part 2)

Man, do I seriously need to keep my promises when it comes to blogging. Thankfully, school has let out, so I can do more blogging and prop-making over the summer. However, this post is to tell you part of the aforementioned backstory, so here it goes:

Once upon a time, in a town called Raven's Wood, New Hampshire, there was a very wealthy, and powerfull man named Emerick Belsco. He owned several farms and businesses in the country, and lived in his own mansion, called Belsco Manor. He had a young wife and more money than God. But, he had a bizare and disturbing obbsestion with scarecows. He had at least 30 of them, all displayed on a hill over looking his house. But there was one he was desperate to find: it was called the Hangman's Crow. It was actually the mummified remains of a serial killer who was hung shortly before the American Revolution. As punishment, the killer was turned into a scarecow, and displayed in a farmers field. Belsco had been looking for the Hangman's Crow for years. And one day, it was discovered in a farmer's barn......

To Be Continued......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Official Backstory (Part 1)

Hello again. As I've already posted on May 24th, I've been working on an offical backstory and permenent theme for all the Halloweens after 2009. The story involves a man named Emerick Belsco, and is set just into the 19th Centeury. Its about Belsco's desire for macabre artifact called the "Hangman's Crow". It will be set in an old, rotting Gothic mansion. The goal of this unique haunt will be to play tricks on the guest's minds. Interestingly enough, I consider Halloween 2009's theme of Scarecrow Hill to be a prequel to Belsco Manor in '10 (they both use the same scarecrow prop). Already, cool prop ideas are spinning thru my head (hearse....talking corpse....haunted seance). Ahh, pleasent goose bumps :) Later today, I'll post the Belsco backstory!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weddings and Tombstones

Whoa. Sorry I haven't gotten the pics from Great Lakes FrightFest uploaded yet. Let's just say I'm having technical difficulties with the camera. (#$%! camera! Where's that cord!) But, in other news, My mom has given my an interesting project for her wedding to my future step-dad, Ben. Ben and I will be making Celtic Crosses as wedding decorations (Mom and Ben are having a Celtic-themed wedding). But the cool part is, after the wedding, I can turn them into tombstones! The process is a variation on directions from the ever-so-helpful book, How to Haunt Your House, which I'll review later this month. The main difference: instead of monster mud, I'll be using pre-mixed cement. Well, catch ya later!