Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Freak-edelic Year!!!!

That's right, Ladies 'n' Germs: the HalloweeNut's Birthday is this weekend. I will hopefully be getting some spooky goodies...heheheh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carnival Haunt & Prop favorites

Well, I'm all geared up to do a Gothic Carnival this year, and so I've been searching the forums, Google, YouTube, and other sources fir inspiration for the carnival. I decided to share one of my favorite carnival haunts, and one of my favorite carnival props.

#1: the Pivnik Haunt 2009:
OK, so this is another haunt that isn't the world's greatest. But I like how they avoided cliched "evil clowns" for the most part. They used some cool effects to provide a Carnival-type atmosphere, instead of doing a stupid "Funhouse of Fear" theme, where they just painted striped walls and had guys in clown masks jumping around corners. They set design isn't the best, nor is it ultra-scary, but it looks fun and very much what I hope to achieve. Here's a link:

the Pivnik Haunt 2009 YouTube

#2: Oszlar the Magnificent prop:
this is an awesome high-tech prop, and cool variation on your average "Fortune Teller" I found this just after joining the GOE Network, and I love it! It's given me a real kick in the @$$ to improve my witch and turn her into a skull-faced Fortune Teller, like in the movie Big. Definitely check this out:

Oszlar the Magnificent on GOE Network

Well, I hope this is inspiring to readers who hope to do a carnival theme one day. As for me, it's back to work!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old-School Haunting

As some of readers may recall, last year I covered a lot of little known Halloween Home Haunts. Well, today I decided to cover some haunts that I feel help bring back the ToT in you; you know, that ONE house that went crazy with the Halloween decor, that house that got you addicted. The haunts I cover today are ones I feel capture the feel of the Halloween Houses of yore....

#1: the Bloodshed Brothers Haunted House!
This is isn't the greatest haunted house in the universe, but it has a charm to it. It feels like the Haunted Houses of the old days, minus the peeled grapes/eyeballs. It's put together by two young guys on a very tiny budget, so please, be kind go check out this neat little haunt (you'll LOVE the final gag in the video)!

Bloodshed Brothers Haunted House video:

#2: Katzper's Haunt!
Katzper's captures the feeling of old school haunting best, methinks, with it's cemetery/cornfield and haunted basement. Pumpkinrot is a big fan of this guy's work, so you KNOW it'll be good. Here's a YouTube link!

Katzper's Haunt:

#3: Brandywine Cemetery!
This is a high-tech version of the walk-thru's of yester-Halloween. The owner, Robert Beech, does a great job, and has an amazing Haunt. This is a great behind-the-scenes look at one of America's better Haunts.

Brandywine Cemetery Daylight Tour:

Well, that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Next Post -- Halloween Double Feature: Trick 'r Treat and Halloween!

Friday, March 5, 2010

GLFF 2010!!!

Howdy, everyone!

Since I hope your all clear on the 2010 theme for my haunt (twisted carnival), I decided to move on to something else: the Great Lakes FrightFest 2010! I went for a day-trip last year and had a great time. It's really a great place for home haunters to get some creative ideas for their new haunts. They have some really cool events at the Fest, including a potluck, seminars, "Fog-Off", and a charity haunted house, plus more! What's even cooler, is that anyone who stays at the campsite where GLFF is held, gets to decorate their campsite. Lemme tell ya: I saw some really cool ones last year, including one tent made-up as a pirate ship; another one as an old west cemetery, complete with outhouse! LOL There are TONS of whacked-out hearses everywhere, even people in costume! This is a fantastic little event, which I highly recommend. To get you all interested, I found this great vid on YouTube, from user TwistedDementiaCOM, of the GLFF haunted house. Enjoy!

Great Lakes FrightFest 2007 Haunted House

PS: next time, I'll try to post my review of a movie I'll just got to see: Trick 'r Treat!!!