Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's coming.....

Halloween, that is. Less than two months 'til the big dance.

Today was a very rewarding day of prop building. I've started building the Hangman's Crow, my first scarecrow, which I'm very proud of. Speaking of props, I picked up some VERY cool stuff at Michael's today. The props I bought include a funkin for my Sleepy Hollow scarecrow, a sign for ToTs, and, best of all, a five-foot tall talking witch prop for $50. The Witch looks kinda cheesey costume wise, right now, but I'm gonna give it an "Extreme Makeover, Haunt Edition". I hope to create a great haunt this year, and I'm striving to achive that goal.

PS: I know I said I would cover the Headless Horseman Hayrides today, but I ran out of time. Sorry.

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  1. B sure to take pics when set up to have us seeon your blog!!!