Monday, July 26, 2010

I WON!!!

Cool news!!! I just learned that I won a mini clay Jack-o-lantern from ShellHawk, of the ShellHawk's Nest blog, and the Misstres of Mayhem on Hauntcast. Her ceramic pumpkins are wicked cool, and so are the clay mini's. I can't get wait to get my bloody hands on one of these awesome little guys. This is especially cool, because I'm the type who has never won a contest in my life. I'll share pictures when I get it!

ShellHawk's Nest:

Next Post (hopefully): I'll try and post about a rather unusual form of entertainment that has had a rather large influence over the exact style of my haunt. I guess it can't hurt to reveal the name of this creepy bit theater: Carnival Diablo Circus Sideshow!


  1. Very cool! Congratulations to you and enjoy!

  2. Lucky you! Nice prize and a perfect addition to your Halloween decorations.