Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haunt Dilemma - I've choosen my theme...

It's Pirates.

I decided to go with it because, unlike "Phantom" it's a theme that people will respond to better. But I can promise you guys this: I will NOT, in any way shape or form, rip-off of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or movies. As fun as they are, WAY too many haunters "borrow" images and music/dialogue from them. So I'll try to be as dark/scary and original as I can. Expect it to be a very ghostly haunt, while still having an adventurous spirit. I'm very excited about this, and can't wait to start building!

Also, shout-out's to Dr. Blood and Samanta Martins. Glad to have ye aboard!


  1. Yahoo! I like where you're going with this and it's wild because I have a video I put together from a place I went call the Mystery Castle but I suspect the underground bar-room might inspire you:
    As you sketch up your plans and what to make, keep me posted. I also think a ghost ship idea would be wicked too because you can take old thrift store sheets, dye them grayish and tear and tatter the edges and put a fan behind them to make billowing curtains people have to enter the garage through. There's now way you'll lose your inspiration on this one--it's a classic and everyone does love pirates.

  2. Very cool! Looking forward to hearing more as the theme develops!

  3. Looking forward to your creations! I love L-O_V_E seeing what haunters create!!


  4. Excited to see where you go with this.