Thursday, August 29, 2013

The 13 Days of Halloween!

Hello again, Specters! I have a special announcement for you all!

As you are no doubt aware, this is 2013, the 13th year of a new millennium, a ounce in a lifetime opportunity! As such, I cannot, let the Dark Season pass without marking it some special way. Also, my other motivating factor was the sad fact that, due to forces beyond my control, I will be unable to take part in my family's annual haunt. So, I need something else to do with my October. Thus, I have devised the 13 Days of Halloween, a series of 13 unique posts to be published throughout the month of October. This is going to be a very exciting little event! I plan on having everything from reviews of Halloween films to exclusive interviews and everything in-between. I ask you all to spread the word, tell your friends, and say your prayers; nothing will ever be the same!


  1. We here at the"Cry[t"would like to join n on your 13 Days of Halloween good Sir....
    as soon as you release more details.....
    We would be glad to post a "Promotional Post for you as well....

    1. Doc, I would welcome a promotion. This much I can say: with any luck, the first post will appear on October 1st...

  2. As always, HN, looking forward to this!