Saturday, November 9, 2013

Save The Haunted Garden!

This is a message to Halloween and Haunt fans across the globe: our help is needed to save one of our own. The Haunted Garden, a family-friendly yard haunt from Maryland, is under attack from local government. It seems some Grinchy "neighbors" didn't like the amount of attention the haunt was receiving, and so they got a legal injunction to shut down the display.
This is complete and utter BULLSHIT. This display is actually very tame, very kid-friendly, not at all shocking or graphic in any way, yet some fun-hating sumbitch has decide that since they don't like the haunt, no one else should get to see it. To make matters worse, it seems the local government has chosen to fight dirty: since the haunt owners aren't willing to just knuckle under, Uncle Sam is trying to pressure the owners into closing through growing legal bills. Fortunately, there seems to be a resistance: people are signing the online petition to save the haunt (which you can sign here), and are donating to help with the legal costs. Hell, little kids with protest signs showed up to defend the Garden. Clearly, no one is going to let this go down without a fight.
Now, here's one last thing I'd like to add: I feel it is the obligation of every haunter and Halloween fan to do something about this. Whether it's signing the petition, donating, or spreading the word, do your part. In my opinion, an attack on one is an attack on all of us. This is a complete infringement on Freedom of Speech, protected by the 1st Amendment. If the government can dictate how one how can decorate, who's to say to say they'll just stop at one haunt. Who knows - yours could be next. Do your part and and don't let the Haunted Garden be buried alive!

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