Thursday, December 5, 2013

13 Days of Creepmas: Krampus

Tonight, Specters, is Krampusnacht, the night when Krampus, Father Christmas' dark counterpoint, is free to roam the Earth in search of naughty children to carry off to Hell to turn into his minions (or to be sold into slavery in Spain, depending on which version of the legend you hear). On the Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas, Krampus, sometimes on his own or sometimes accompanying the Saint, visit homes and businesses. St. Nicholas dispenses gifts to good, while Krampus concerns himself with the naughty, handing coal and glowering evilly. The most popular rite of Krampusnacht, however, is the Krampuslaufen, an alchohal-driven parade of men dressed as Krampus through the streets. Thought sometimes seen as unwholesome, the parades tend to attract large crowds and become theatrical spectacles. Don't believe me? Take a look at these pictures and videos:

And here's some video from a Krampuslaufen from Germany in 2010:

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