Friday, April 18, 2014

The More You Know

So, if you want to get out of going to church on Easter Morning, just show your significant other the picture below, and tell them, "See Honey,  we don't have to go to church to celebrate Easter!"


  1. her older Sumerian name was "Inanna"....
    She was dead for three days and her skin hanging upon the Tree of Lifer in the Underworld....
    Story from ....3,000+ BC....

  2. The image that you posted above is of "Lilitu" ( "later Lilith)
    and the image is Hittite ( you can tell by the "head-piece)
    Images of "Ishtar ( later in Babylonian times) were 3-D figures ... often with a Snake ( as a symbol of "fertility") in each hand ....

  3. This is actually misinformed.

    The word Easter is German, not Babylonian. It means "the dawn", you know, like the sun rising in the EAST? Like when the sun comes back in the Spring?

  4. Ok, duly noted. I just thought I'd post it because I thought it was funny.