Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Feast Your Eyes, Glut Your Soul!

Happy 146th Birthday to Gaston Leroux, author of The Phantom of the Opera, born this day in Paris, 1868.


  1. It's a great classic monster story! I particularly love the ending of the Lon Chaney version, cornered by a mob of angry villagers, Erik reaches into his cloak, the mob hesitates, draws back, what dreadful weapon does he hold? He raises his fist triumphantly, and then opens his hand to show that he never had anything at all, and laughs as the crowd closes in on him.

    Did you see the version I did last year for May Monster Madness?


  2. Nice work, Mantan! And your right, that is a pretty good ending; the Phantom's final "screw you" gesture to the masses. Have you ever seen the 1989 version with Robert Englund? Not the greatest film, but still an entertaining adaptation and a great performance by Englund as Erik.

  3. Thank you for sharing this info....
    We have been a fan of his story (English translation) since childhood..... Loved the part in the story where she scratches his face and draws back with dead grey tissue beneath her nails... Thus Lon Chaney's version suits it best...
    and dear Voodoo Ghoul... you did an Awesome computer rendition of Poor Erik....
    The author insisted that He was a "real" person...!!!