Sunday, August 17, 2014

Now Begins the Battle of Grandin Road

Thanks to Shellhawk of Shellhawk's Nest for bringing this my attention. Every year for the past three years the company Grandin Road has ripped off the hard work and ingenuity of home haunters. The first year, it was Grim's cloaked ghost:
Grim's Original

Grandin Road's Rip-Off
The second it was William Bezek's Skeleton Dolls:

William Bezek's Original
Grandin Road's Cheap Knock-Off

This year, it was Terra Lair's "Beloved" tombstone (comparison graphic by Shellhawk's Nest):

And what has Grandin Road done when someone has pointed out their unscrupulous methods? They threaten the haunter whose hard work has been plagiarized with lawsuit unless the posts exposing Grandin Road's wrongdoings are taken down.

The time has come for us haunters to band together and stop Grandin Road's exploitation of the work of haunters. No more should we allow them to profit of our creativity. We must take a stand. Spread the word, expose this scam and help undue to the wrongs committed by Grandin Road. Post on their Facebook page (politely, if you would) and help stop this plague of corporate greed and corruption. I myself will posting daily on their FB page until something is done. Enough is enough. Let the battle begin.


  1. Yes, and sadly, every year, I see haunters posting about Grandin Road's products, giving them free advertising.

    I am glad that you and ShellHawk have posted about this, and I will re-blog on the subject myself.

    1. Thank you for doing part, Mantan. Everything helps.