Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Samhain Approaches...

Tomorrow is October 1st, the beginning of the shadow season where the veils between the worlds grows thin and those from the Other Side may walk among us, hidden in plain sight. I have many exciting things planned for the month of October, starting this weekend with my journey to Phoenix, AZ, to meet face to face at long last my friend Sharon Day, of Ghost Hunting Theories, and Julie of Above the Norm. During my time in the Southwest, we will be visiting a corn maze, marathoning horror movies, carving pumpkins, conducting a seance to attempt to contact the late great John Wolfe, and on Saturday we will be attending Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare in Scottsdale, AZ. I will also, as I have previously mentioned, be attending the Sacred Ink Halloween Extravaganza on November 1st, in Indiana, PA. It is at that event I will attempting body suspension for the first time. I have few other things I want to try to do this October, but I will not be stating them here as there is a chance they won't happen. I do, of course have a lot of things
planned for the blog during the Dark Month, with a special post kicking things off tomorrow. Halloween is coming, Specters. Be ready for it.

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