Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Blood is the Life

"It certainly makes sense that scholars and other readers have connected Count Dracula with the Wallachian warlord Vlad III, nicknamed "Vlad Tepes" or, in English, "Vlad the Impaler." After all, Vlad III was a member of the House of Drăculești, and is one of a handful of historical figures whose title is rendered as "Voivode Dracula" in English-language texts. And the fictional Dracula does share one key biographical detail with his historical namesake: they both fought against the Turks during their mortal lives. But how did these two connections turn Vlad III into the supposed basis for Count Dracula?"

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  1. Ol' Drac was wrong though. It's not the blood that is life, it's the breath!

    After all, what is it that all those little red blood cells are conveying around the body?