Thursday, April 30, 2015


From Wikipedia:

"Walpurgisnacht, one of the German names for the night of 30 April, so called because it is the eve of the feast day of Saint Wulpurga, an 8th-century abbess in Germany. In German folklore Walpurgisnacht, also called Hexennacht (literally "Witches' Night"), is believed to be the night of a witches' meeting on the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains, a range of wooded hills in central Germany between the rivers Weser and Elbe. The first known written occurrence of the English translation 'Walpurgis Night' is from the 19th century. In the United States, Walpurgisnacht is one of the major holidays celebrated within LaVeyan Satanism, and is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan."

We are now officially halfway to Halloween, Specters.


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