Monday, May 11, 2015

Help Resurrect the House of Shock!

"In October 2014, House of Shock decided to close its doors after 22 years in business. To me, House of Shock is not just an incredible haunted house, it's an amazing work of art that comes to life through the love and dedication of our volunteer family as well as the undying support from our New Orleans community. The House of Shock is a creative outlet and a home for many different people of all ages and walks of life. It;s a place where they are allowed to express themselves openly and artistically without judgement. After an overwhelming outcry from our New Orleans community and our House of Shock volunteer family, many of us got together and decided that we were not ready to put the nail in the coffin. We decided to turn to Kickstarter and ask for support from our community and fans to unite in backing House of Shock in hopes of bringing back this legendary New Orleans Halloween tradition. We are confident that with the full support from our community of backers, we can revive the House of Shock for at least one more year! This means creating an even more intense and unique experience to entertain our faithful following along with an entirely new generation of kids eager to become part of House of Shock history!"

Click here to become part of the project: 

 Thanks To Highbury Cemetery for bringing this to my attention.

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