Thursday, August 20, 2015

Teenage Obsession

Just got this incredible new mixed media art piece, "Teenage Obsession", in the mail from Sharon Day of Ghost Hunting Theories and Madame Curio's. Like every piece from Madame Curio's, this one comes with an urban legend to tell the story of the piece:

Edward hated his first year of high school. With disdain, he studied the kids pouring out into the hallway between classes, like ants filing out of a dirt mound. Every one of them wasn’t worthy of the cars they drove, the houses they lived in, or the girls they dated. Especially Katrina. She was too kind, too perky, too likeable and no doubt still a virgin. If he was everything dark and stagnant, sulking and dire, she was everything sunshine. He wished to spread her hair out on a pillow and pollute her with his philosophy, his dark practices, and his lust. But, she was never coming to his side, unless the fates could be coerced…. Edward commanded his Ouija board obsessively to the point of doing nothing else, asking more and more of the other side to help him make his desire come to life. It asked for blood. It asked for her hair. All of this was necessary to bind her to him. With the help of the Dark Ones, Edward sought his goal. And then, as fate would have it, he was struck by a bus on his way back from buying cigarettes. And the board sat under his bed, undisturbed, as were all his belongings. And Katrina sulked in the classroom and felt a restless depression. She didn’t smile anymore. She didn’t interact. In fact, out of the blue, she bought a Ouija board on the way home from school and eagerly asked it to tell her why she was so melancholy. The board answered “E-d-w-a-r-d” and Katrina gasped. She knew a boy in school named Edward. He died. Katrina pushed away the board, swearing she would not use it again. But, later that day she pulled it back out and pushed around the planchette with an unseen force. And pretty soon, she wasn’t wanting to eat or go out, sleep or do anything but talk to the board. She felt bound to it for some obsessive reason. Bound to a boy named Edward…

Thanks again to Sharon for getting it out to me so quickly! I highly recommend you check out the Madame Curio site on Etsy to add to your own collection of oddities!

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