Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from FrightFest!

Hi again! I'm back from my day trip to the Great Lakes FrightFest. In the short, it was a BLAST! We had to get up really early to go on our three hour car trip to Petersburg, Michigan, just over the Ohio border. The campsite on its own, I wouldn't recommend, but, in full swing of the FrightFest, the campsite was in true Halloween spirits. Whacked-out hearses were parked next to elaborately decorated tents. There were seminars, how-to demonstrations, kiddie activities, great meals, and above all, shear spooky fun! The first seminar I saw was on saftey, and was done by "Crazy" Bob Turner of the Haunted Hydro in Toledo, Ohio. Unfortunately, We (me, my dad, and my brother and sister) had to leave after dinner, so we didn't see the Fog-Off by Froggy's Fog, or the Haunters Against Hunger Haunted House :( But, I think I might be able to go next year, so watch out, Great Lakes FrightFest, the HalloweeNut WILL be back.....with a VENGEANCE!!!
PS: Later today, I'll post the pics I took.

Great Lakes FrightFest

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