Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Haunt (Part 1)

I began haunting three years ago. Now, I like unusual films, so I was instantly taken with the horror classic Phantom of the Opera. My mom and I had watched it one summer, and she said, "We should build a pipe organ for Halloween!" I was a bit surprised; up 'till then, my mom didn't enjoy Halloween like I did. Months went by, and I forgot. But come October, Mom brought it up again. So, we did it. We used here writing desk as the base of the organ, and painted cardboard fabric tubes as pipes. My Dad bought me a strobe light. I burned a CD of Gothic Opera. But, just two days before Halloween, I said "We need a backdrop." So, I spent all of Halloween (I was home-schooled at the time) shopping for props. I bought a skull candle, battle axe and scythe, "Phantom" mask, and lots of cobwebs in bags. Then, the evening arrived.....

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