Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official Backstory (Part 2)

Man, do I seriously need to keep my promises when it comes to blogging. Thankfully, school has let out, so I can do more blogging and prop-making over the summer. However, this post is to tell you part of the aforementioned backstory, so here it goes:

Once upon a time, in a town called Raven's Wood, New Hampshire, there was a very wealthy, and powerfull man named Emerick Belsco. He owned several farms and businesses in the country, and lived in his own mansion, called Belsco Manor. He had a young wife and more money than God. But, he had a bizare and disturbing obbsestion with scarecows. He had at least 30 of them, all displayed on a hill over looking his house. But there was one he was desperate to find: it was called the Hangman's Crow. It was actually the mummified remains of a serial killer who was hung shortly before the American Revolution. As punishment, the killer was turned into a scarecow, and displayed in a farmers field. Belsco had been looking for the Hangman's Crow for years. And one day, it was discovered in a farmer's barn......

To Be Continued......

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