Saturday, June 6, 2009

Official Backstory (Part 1)

Hello again. As I've already posted on May 24th, I've been working on an offical backstory and permenent theme for all the Halloweens after 2009. The story involves a man named Emerick Belsco, and is set just into the 19th Centeury. Its about Belsco's desire for macabre artifact called the "Hangman's Crow". It will be set in an old, rotting Gothic mansion. The goal of this unique haunt will be to play tricks on the guest's minds. Interestingly enough, I consider Halloween 2009's theme of Scarecrow Hill to be a prequel to Belsco Manor in '10 (they both use the same scarecrow prop). Already, cool prop ideas are spinning thru my head (hearse....talking corpse....haunted seance). Ahh, pleasent goose bumps :) Later today, I'll post the Belsco backstory!

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