Friday, March 5, 2010

GLFF 2010!!!

Howdy, everyone!

Since I hope your all clear on the 2010 theme for my haunt (twisted carnival), I decided to move on to something else: the Great Lakes FrightFest 2010! I went for a day-trip last year and had a great time. It's really a great place for home haunters to get some creative ideas for their new haunts. They have some really cool events at the Fest, including a potluck, seminars, "Fog-Off", and a charity haunted house, plus more! What's even cooler, is that anyone who stays at the campsite where GLFF is held, gets to decorate their campsite. Lemme tell ya: I saw some really cool ones last year, including one tent made-up as a pirate ship; another one as an old west cemetery, complete with outhouse! LOL There are TONS of whacked-out hearses everywhere, even people in costume! This is a fantastic little event, which I highly recommend. To get you all interested, I found this great vid on YouTube, from user TwistedDementiaCOM, of the GLFF haunted house. Enjoy!

Great Lakes FrightFest 2007 Haunted House

PS: next time, I'll try to post my review of a movie I'll just got to see: Trick 'r Treat!!!

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