Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Lessons in Haunting

I was dead set on doing Troupe Macabre as my theme this year. I was really looking forward to it, and had a whole spiel for my role as the Carnival Barker. But, to say the least, life intervened. I was feeling very stressed, and due to a busy schedule, didn't get many Sideshow-themed props built. Two nights ago, my stepdad, Ben, suggested that in order to actually some stress free fun on Halloween, simply build on last year's display (Scarecrow Hill), because I had so many "Traditional Hallowe'en" props, why not simply add to that collection. Life gives you pumpkins, you make pie. The point I'm trying to make is that, in a way, Halloween is more important than a Haunt, and by that I mean what's the point of having a cool haunt if that day of days sucks because of stress and panic? And to you all, I'm sorry Troupe Macabre didn't materialize, it was a cool, albeit complex, idea. I hope you all like my haunt this year. It's sort of a sequel to last year, but with the addition of witchcraft. Here's the video from my spectacular, all new, YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You can check the entire channel at

Oh, and a hat tip to new follower KK. And an extra special greeting to AutumnForest, of Ghost Hunting Theories, a fun paranormal/horror blog, and whose truly a kind person. Seriously, go check out her blog now!

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  1. You are Halloween's Prince! I agree about the stressors. This year, I decided to expand on my tortured baby dolls theme. Last year, the window display of these creepy altered baby dolls had kids so distracted, they actually forgot to ring the doorbell! So, I'm going to hopefully make a hellraiser type baby doll and perhaps a hatchet wielding one to add to the collection. Sometimes, when you have a great theme, the excitement comes in taking it a bit further and a bit further each year. Pumpkinrot is like that. His scarecrow displays each year--amazing! It's become his signature. I hope you keep us up-to-date on your work. I just love to hear about home haunters and their projects. I bet kids can't wait to hit your house on Samhain!