Saturday, September 4, 2010

Useless Post

Well, the title pretty much sums this one up. I've been wanting to give a shout-out to the wonderfully talented ShellHawk, but my damn camera keeps not working. I'll have to get it working soon. But in the meantime, I wanted mention a few things while I'm hear. First, a big bloodthirsty welcome to the infamous Spooky Vegan. I love getting new followers! =:)

Second, I've just gotten a great new source for lighting. there basically LED mini-spotlights, from a site called Jack's Tool Shed. I'll be using these babies for my Halloween party and haunt for sure! I've included a link to the site (beware - shipping is pricey!!) and here's a link to Pumpkinrot's blog, where I learned about this little beauties! I'll post some pictures after Labor Day to show them off! Definitely get 'em for your haunt or party - you won't regret it!

Finally, looks like I'll be attending my first make 'n' take here in Ohio. It'll be at a home haunt called the Haunted Cauldron, hosted by WitchOtastic from GOE, and will include a Show 'n' Tell, skull plaster casting demo, and a laser vortex make 'n' take. It sounds completely awesome. I'll try and snag some video! Thanks to Rev at Hauntcast for the tip-off!

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