Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Stores

Well, I made my first trip to a Spirit Halloween store today. A great start to the season! This particular store was AMAZING! Normally, I don't really like Spirit stores, but this place was so spectacularly decorated, with an insane circus theme. Being the bad haunter I am, I forgot my camera. But I did pick up some neat stuff for my haunt and party. This browsing of the store reminded me of the photos I saw of Roger's Garden store in California. I first saw this incredible take on the seasonal store via Pumpkinrot's blog. They even go so far as to theme the store's displays! I've included some pics of it to give you an idea of what I mean by incredible! Here's the site. Enjoy your Halloween shopping, everyone!


  1. Lucky! Lucky! Our Spirit Halloween is total commercial crapola. I love that--it has atmosphere and tradition and spookiness. How neat!

  2. Hey buddy, I put a button on my blog for your blog. Hope you don't mind. I like your attitude and your interest in all things Halloween.

  3. What makes a Halloween store even more spooky is when they feature a specific theme inside their stores just like the stores in these pictures!