Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First Halloween Party

Wow, that was a lot of fun! I just got done taking down most of the decor from last night's party. What a fricken' BLAST!!!! Now I've gotta say, there were some drawbacks from the party. First, only three out of 18 people invited showed up, and those who didn't only let me know the day before the party. Gee, thanks guys (sarcasm). So there was a lot of last minute scrambling to change some of the stuff for the party, making it more or less a chance for me and three good friends to hang, watch horror movies, eat pizza, and jam to Rob Zombie. It was fun. But would I try it again? Probably not. I know at least one person invited ditched my party to go to some other party with his little brother. So that's a good indicator people weren't interested. Oh well. I had fun, and so did my guests, who I'm glad to say, all came in costume.

Oh, and how could forget the decor!?! It was as elaborate as many of my haunts, if not more so! I made guests walk around the side of my house through some gravestones, cornstalks, and luminaries to get to my back door, where I had a strobe light. Sadly, my fog machine went bust, so I wasn't able to show off my laser vortex. But the real treat was inside the house. Candles galore, and masks, static Trick-or-Treater props, severed fingers and rubber roaches floating in the soda barrel, green and blue LEDs illuminating things, and the spider's lair-themed foyer. Peoples jaws hit the floor. There was plenty of food, and we all had a good time. It was fun showing my friends Trick 'r Treat for the first time, and watching them scream and jump. After Trick 'r Treat, we watched The Hangover, and listened to more music.

One of the best things to come from the evening was that I may have a future assistant haunter for next year. I'm considering moving the haunt back here to my dad's house in Ohio, and going the extra mile for a really special something. One of my friends, named Grace, expressed interest in helping out next year with props and costumes. Personally, I can't wait. She seems to really enjoy Halloween, and has a lot of potential. Well, folks this is HalloweeNut saying Stay Scary!!!


  1. Wow! I wish I could have gone! Damn! That really does sound like a blast. I love the movie choices--you are too fun! People can be so flaky when it comes to parties. I'll never understand it. Some parties I didn't think anyone would show, tons showed and other times when it was a sure thing, hardly anyone showed. It's the same way as adults as when teens. Glad you had so much fun and finding an assistant--extra awesome!

  2. I know how you feel, the last party we had we invited about 100 people. I think less than 10 showed up. Oh well, we had fun anyhow. Besides, more food for us and it opened the door for us to do a charity haunt!