Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A lost story, "The Hollow"

I was browsing through old files on a computer I haven't used in a while. It's fun, remembering old concepts and ideas for haunt themes. But then I came across this document called "The Hollow". No idea what this story is for, or what was supposed to happen next. Here's all that was on the document:
"It was about midnight when the three men stepped out of the fog. No-one was there to see the strange sight of men literally popping out of nowhere, save for a half-starved alley cat. Two of the men resembled gunslingers, with their brown dusters, wide-brimmed hats, leather boots, and the rifles slung on their backs. This was 1967, in rural Pennsylvania; gunslingers were no more. Yet the two men with the guns weren’t the strangest members of the trio. No, the man in front of them was much more…….unusual. He wore an old corduroy jacket, an earth-colored shirt, jeans, and boots like the ones his comrades wore. But over his head, he wore an old burlap sack, like the head of a scarecrow."
It also had the picture I posted above. I thought I'd post it because I still think it's a pretty atmospheric exert (although I think my writing's gotten better since then).


  1. That is very cool. I have nothing that intersting hiding on my computer :)

    Thanks so for sharing.


  2. Shivers! I love it!! I hope you are pursuing these ghostly/Halloween stories and my greatest dream for a Halloween haunt if I could have the ultimate would be Sleepy Hollow--but I need to live in a place where that looks feasible. Here, all I could do is undead cowboys or Tremors or Hills Have Eyes. hee hee

  3. What else do you have lurking in the shadows on your computer?
    I am in love with that image. Most awesome! :0)