Friday, July 15, 2011

Garage of Evil Make n Take Tomorrow!

Yep, I'm going to another gathering of the Northern Ohio Haunters tomorrow. We'll be building a "Flying Crank Ghost" and prop candles. Here's a look at the ghost prop:


  1. Awesome HN! Hey, I'm doing another blogger zombie walk this September. I posted about it today. Hope you join in, buddy.

  2. That was the first moving prop we made over 10 years ago. I have given away a lot of my old props. Even though she is no longer in the display....that one is staying with me - forever :)

    Looking forward to seeing yours!


  3. Hey Damian! I hope you were able to finish up your FCG! I got all the rest of the mechanical pieces and now I have to finish the actual ghost. And I'm not jealous at all that you won the raffle and got the foam head with LED lights. Nope. Not jealous at all...

  4. Good to hear from ya, Highbury! Nope, not quite finished with the FCG yet, but I'm glad to hear your not jealous. :D