Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Oh, America. Yes, your in extreme debt. Yes, your at war. Yes, your politics have been polarized. But dammit, I'm PROUD to be American. and yes, I created the above image.

Oh, and click here for a very cool , but not work-safe, song that kinda-sorta works for a scary version of the 4th of July.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Fourth HN! I hope you get to see some fireworks. I'm very pleased to be an American. It makes me a sassy individual that I might not have been if I grew up in Europe and was around just other Norwegians or Scots. I like being in a melting pot and having tons of space to spread out and become very individual. We've earned those fireworks. And, America, like that spouse that grows plump with age and starts wearing their stretch pants around us, we still love Her for all the reasons that made us fall in love in the beginning. Sometimes, she just needs a day at the spa. America needs a mani/pedi, I believe, and She'll be as good as new.