Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: Beginning of the End

Well, Specters, here we are. 2015. A new year. I don't normally do the whole "New Years Resolution" thing, but I do see the value in setting goals for yourself from time to time, and re-evaluating how you've been doing things. Seeing what works, what doesn't work. Which is what I've been doing to myself over the past week and a half. Scrutinizing. Evaluating. And for the most part, I'm satisfied with my performance. I've made some accomplishments, in the form of meeting new friends, strengthening old bonds, pushing myself to new physical limits, breaking bonds that had previously held me back. But of course, my year was far from perfect, and some of this is my own doing. Which leads me to my plans for this new year. The 15th year. XV. I feel the time has come to strip off the old flesh. The flesh of the past, that has held in me in a form that is outdated. The moth must emerge from his cocoon. The daemon must spread his wings. Which includes a re-evaluation of my blog.

The Misadventures of the HalloweeNut was started almost six years ago, during a more innocent time in my life. I have long since lost that innocence, if indeed I ever had it. The blog has begun to take on a darker tone than it once had, the writing style has matured. I do not regret any of this, since it has marked the evolution of my being. However, I am not HalloweeNut anymore. He is a memory. Now I am Damian. I am Myself. No longer do I need a name other than my own. The mask has fallen from my face. Now that HalloweeNut has gone to the realm of the dead, I must consider his legacy. His Misadventures. When I started this blog, it was to help make a mark upon the world, to let my voice be heard. And I am beginning to accomplish that. But now, I feel the time has come to move on. Not just yet, you understand, but very soon. This year, 2015, is to be the last year for the Misadventures of the HalloweeNut. Once this year has come and gone, and 2015 is no more, so will the Misadventures share its fate. The blog will remain online as an archive, a monument to the past. After that, I well move on to new projects, new adventures. I will begin a new site, unnamed as of now, to continue my correspondence with the outside world, that will take the place of the HalloweeNut. Details will emerge on that as the hour draws closer. But for now, I will continue to blog, and bring you all the horror I can uncover. Posts will be a bit irregular, but they will occur with some frequency. For those who have stuck by me on this journey, you have my gratitude. I hope that when the time comes, when the Misadventures are put to rest, and a new site rises to take the throne, that you will stay with me as the New Aeon begins. In the meantime, be ready - Hallowe'en is but 299 days away. And there is so much that needs done. So prepare yourselves. A new adventure awaits.

Damian Michael
From the Fifth Cellar, Pennsylvania, United States

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  1. Neu! Oh well, I will miss it, but I'll follow whatever you do next too!